Scardanelli Quartett

Alexey Schestiperov Yuri Bondarev Mikhail Kibardin Vladimir Anochin SCARDANELLI STRING QUARTET

Vladimir Anochin, Violine
Mikhail Kibardin, Violine
Yuri Bondarev, Viola
Alexey Schestiperov, Violoncello

The "Scardanelli Quartett" set up in Hamburg/Germany in 1996. The Name derives from 19th century author Friedrich Hoelderlin, who used this pseudonym for signing his late work and for himself as well. The Scardanelli Quartet are four young people having met in Germany far beyond the frontiers of their native countries, that being Russia and Ukraine. They are children of musicians' families and are attached to their instruments since their early childhood. Before they came to Germany, they passed the best musical institutes of their countries. Each of them is an experienced virtuoso, they all have appeared on international podiums. They were trained by the Tanejew Quartet, the Guarneri Quartet and the Beethoven Quartet (F. Drushinin).The Scardanelli Quartet attended several international Masterclasses with the Orpheus Quartet (Duesseldorf, Germany), Norbert Brainin and Sigmund Nissel of the Amadeus Quartet from London and with Franz Beyer from Munich.Together, they regularly are on tour in France, Germany and Spain (last year). Being an ensemble set together with absolvents of different academies of music, the ensemble - work initially had to be effective from the beginning. They soon started developing own artistic ideas and looking for working opportunities beyond their music academies. Thus, besides the standard - repertoire, they soon engaged themselves in contemporary music. The Scardanelli Quartet regularly turned up in the Hamburg "20th Century Concerts" and several times was invited to recitals in Hamburg's "New Music Festival". They inaugurated several works of contemporary music, some of whom were written especially for this purpose and did broadcasts with NDR Hamburg (Germany).